Don't Go Running On Faulty Or Worn Tires.

Your tires are the foundation of your auto. Starting, Stopping and Steering all begin with good safe tires.

Without Tires your vehicle is going nowhere. It is nearly impossible to keep your tires from going bald or getting cracks that can cause extra stress when you have a flat. Not only can they go flat, bad rubber on your wheels can cause your gas mileage to go down. With the current prices of fuel, now one wants low gas mileage. Bring your vehicle into The Shop and have your tires inspected and repaired by our qualified professionals. The Shop offers quick and reliable Patching/Flat repair, Balancing, Rotation and Shock/Strut repairs all at a reasonable rate. We can do all of the repairs that can possibly be done but sooner or later you will have to have them replaced. Don’t worry, The Shop is there for you then too! As a NAPA Auto Care Center, The Shop can replace your tires without breaking the bank and offer a 12 Month or a 12,000 mile warranty. Did you have a blowout while on the road and do not have a spare? Not a Problem! The Shop offers 24/7 towing all year long. The 30 plus years that The Shop has in the industry will give you the reassurance that you are making the right choice when it comes to your tires. Because, after all of it is said and done, no matter how your vehicle runs, it has to have 4 tires on it to get you down the road. Next time you have your tires inspected, rotated or changed, consider using the professionals at The Shop!